Five tips to choose the awesome area rug

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Nothing compares to the soft, luxurious feeling of carpet under your feet. Carpeting provides a safe, comfortable spot for kids to play and may even reduce the risk of injury during a fall . Sure, carpet requires a bit of extra maintenance compared to vinyl or tile, but there's simply no substitute in terms of sound absorption, warmth and overall comfort
1) Identify the Purpose-What are your main reasons for getting the rug? It could be a practical decision, an aesthetic decision, or a mix of the two. Knowing where you intend to place your rug and what you want it to do (create warmth, prevent slipping, tie a room together visually, etc.) will help you determine the style, material, and size of the right rug.
2) Choose the rug earlier-If you're decorating your room from scratch, choose the rug first. It's the big, impactful piece that ties a room together, and if you wait until you've placed the final throw pillow, you could search for months before the perfect rug come around
3) Select the Right Material -Rugs come in many different materials, each with its own selling features. Your budget and needs will help you narrow down which material to choose. Most materials can be grouped into two categories: natural or synthetic. Natural materials tend to cost more than synthetics, but they are also a higher quality. Rugs made of natural materials are more likely to stand the test of time and will wear nicely as they get used.
4) Sizing Up-Different areas call for different types of rugs.A small scatter rug is intended to protect the floor beneath it, acting as a barrier for moisture and dirt. It’s a good option for bathrooms, the kitchen, a foyer or a mud room. A long, narrow runner will define the intended flow of traffic in your home. It is most often used along hallways or in the kitchen. A mid-sized rug is the perfect option if you’re looking to create a defined space in a room. It is especially useful in open-concept spaces. A cluster of furniture anchored by a mid-sized rug will designate the area for its intended use.
5) Get Stylish-You’ve nailed down the purpose, size and material. Now comes the fun part: selecting the color or pattern of the rug.Take the existing decoration scheme into account: do you want your rug to blend right in or to stand out? If you have neutral furniture, a brightly colored or boldly patterned rug can bring the space to life. Lighter rugs tend to make a space feel larger, while darker rugs create a sense of coziness. Patterned rugs are perfect for high-traffic areas, since they hide dirt and stains well.