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Because the way to a man's heart is through his stomach – CAFÉ HAWKERS

By:- Prerna Kapoor
Photos courtesy:- Mitul Sharma

“Street food, I believe, is the salvation of human race! “

With the finest of the places opening every week in the capital city of India, the trend of street foods is coming back and restaurant era is boosting up with the Indian chows in their meals.

When we say ‘Street Food’, we mean SUPER FOOD!


Situated on the outer circle at Connaught Place in Block L, near Odeon cinema, this place is packed with all the bells and whistles which are required for a cafe to race the league. The striking hangout place is divided amongst two floors, both equally enticing. While the lower floor makes you feel like you are already in a hawker’s lane (imagine a place packed with textures, colours and happy faces!), the upper level has a bar filled with the most exquisite range of alcoholic beverages.

INTERIORS What’s hot, what’s not!

Conceptualization of Mr. Manik Kapoor, an eminent associate of Gola Group of Restaurants, the custom-made subtle upholstery adorned with printed cushion covers, the unerring use of bold hues, the chequered floor or the use of comic portraits, this place looks dynamic in every sense of the word. The restaurant, unwrapped just 7 months ago, is already the talk of the town.

  • Lower floor
A first of its kind dine-in restaurant, with intriguing doorway, assembled using sections of horizontally laid wooden planks with a near perfect yellow lighting, quickly grabs the attention of the pass buyers. Serving delicious signature cuisines from across the globe, this place, enhanced with the blended use of wood and metal in the interiors, makes for a comfortable ambiance.

On the other side of the planked ligneous door is a room filled with cartoon scriptures, with down lighting, enclosed within wooden window panes, on one end, while the other wall has a grass padded wall, endowed with colourful hanging jars, and glass tables with grass padding beneath them.
Take a moment to absorb it all, because it’s all worth it!

  • The floor above the lower floor
As you move to the upper floor, the stairs are flanked by photos and CDs from the vintage world. Warm positive aura, encapsulating the bar with little assistance from the hanging lanterns all around the space, gives the cafe it’s very own individuality. The vibrant colored walls along with comfortable seating areas (be it for a cosy date, an evening with your pals, or for an elaborate meal with your family!) envelops the look and feel on the second floor. Adorned with vintage clocks and enchanting lights, this place maintains its oriental look while also providing people with a soothing and calming habitat.

  • Everything else!
Someone rightly said that the details are not the details, they make the design. Use of bright colours on the walls and furnishings, rolling pins used for pricked partition, colourful jars and cartoon portraits are the high points here, along with a good mix of multi-genre music that will make you hum a tune or two.
The cuisines comprise of the best pizzas and street food in the country along with regional specialities from various parts of the world, our favourite being butter chicken pizza and chatpati kamal kakdi ki chat. The aura of this café, laid at the door of number of details put into it, leaves an unparalleled impression on each person entering it.

A refreshing change from all the café, this is the place you would not want to miss, be it for the scrumptious food it has to offer or the enticing interiors. In Connaught place, where all hustle leads to the lanes of inner circle, with several cafes which are easy on the eye and the pocket, Café Hawkers turns the table around and is on the race to become everyone’s favorite hangout locale.

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