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A Rosy Affair
By - Prerna Kapoor
Photos courtesy - Vivek Vikrant Mohanty

“You can complain because roses have thorns, or you can rejoice because thorns have roses. “

Relationships between mother and daughter can be complicated. But some women have an extra facet of their relationship ; their daughter is their business partner. Sarita Ahuja, founder of Rose Café, says the emotional bond mother and daughter have may be the glue that holds their venture together, and if deemed laboriously, can be a boom for the business.


Located deep in the bylanes of the posh Saket neighbourhood, Rose Cafe is as charming as it gets. The small eatery is divided amongst indoor and alfresco dining, both equally enticing. While the indoor arena makes you feel like you’re in a bakery (imagine floral walls, furniture coloured in pastel hues and imprudent use of white in the décor!), the alfresco has charming patches of greenery around its periphery.

What started off as a family pastime for a mother and daughter tandem has now developed into a full-fledged bakery café business with the aim of satisfying their customers’ cravings for traditional Italian and Lebanese meals and fresh out of the oven pastries and baked goodies. A petite Victorian-style café, tucked away inside Said-ul-ajaib since 2012, will have you dreaming of pots full of tea and scones being served to you in the most elegant manner.


On the other side of the pink mahogany door is a café, with a play of pastel pinks and azure blue, which gladden the heart, ushered with a feel of an English tearoom. The floral print upholstery, the vintage wooden wall clock, the printed colourful cutlery, pastel hued pennant banners or floral lamps make this place looks endearing in every sense of the word. The café, embellished out of an old abandoned warehouse, is decorated so tastefully, that you cannot help but gawk around when you visit for the first time. 

Headed for a cosy date, an evening with your pals, or for an elaborate meal with your family, you’re definitely in for a delicious slap-up meal. The pastel lime washed kitchen wall, exploded with distinct number of artefacts, brought together from places around the country, and chalkboards intimating about the best they serve (and the art of brewing coffee!), overlooks the café which has been designed to accommodate a maximum of 50 people. Perfect for a peaceful, serene experience, there is something about this place which stays with you, mingling in your head even after you leave.
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The earthen interlocking roof tiles, curbs filled with bougainvillea and other diverse herbage, aggregate filled floor, clay wind chimes and the elaborately designed flower metal door panels adorns the alfresco dining. The aura of this café, laid at the door of number of details put into it, leaves an unparalleled impression on each person entering it.


It is the intimate goodness of flawlessly cooked meals and pastries prepared in the kitchen combined with a desire to provide a cosy, laid back, welcoming and accessible venue for small gatherings with friends and family that constitute the cornerstone of the Rose Café: a life lived casually with warmth, love, laughter and good food!

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