Feng Shui and all that jazz.

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By:Aasawari kulkarni

Home is a feeling, not a place. It is your comfort after a long day, it is your resort after a rough day.That is why we make it a point to keep our interiors pretty and clean. But to make our home a perfect place to live in, what is very important is pacifying it. If home is indeed a feeling, then vibes and the atmosphere basically ventilate our homes, and to keep up with a proper happy cross ventilation we need some guidelines that air our space planning. Feng Shui is one such ancient Chinese belief system about home ideas and interior design styles to make it a happier place live in. Here are some hows and whys of Feng Shui that we can adopt in our modern interior designing ideas.

1. First things first, it might sound like a superstition, but it really isn’t! It is actually a   science of energy and the flow of energy in spaces and how it regulates moods of us humans. Feng Shui literally translates to wind and water. It deals with presence and placement of elements, that have bound the world also bind our homes together.

 2. It is all about building up a positive energy around our living space. It can start from something as simple as flowers. Decorating homes with flowers not just ads up colours in our homes but lift up our sense of smell. Potpourri, scented candles, scented flowers, anything pleasant works to bring an uplifting energy into the room. 

3. Colours are so important in home decor. They can lift up your mood in the interior and balance things right for you. Using the right colours in the right room and right place holds the key. You don’t want to over power a single colour upon your home, nor do you want to clutter it with too much colour. Walls should be in neutral and calmer colours. Fun fact, yellow is associated with good digestion, so kitchens and dining room designs should incorporate yellow on the walls according to Feng Shui. 

4. Light is said to make the positive energy flow in the right way in your homes. Apart from being well lit up, the flow of light must be directed in the virtue of bringing out positive energy. Mirrors are said to bring out a new dimension of positivity and hold an integral part of home decor. Plus they also help to decorate your interiors.

5. A clutter free home is an ideal Feng Shui home. Cleaner the home, more of ‘chi’ or positive energy will the attracted into the home. 

 6. Other home decor tips include hanging pictures of your loved ones all over the place, adding water as a part of home decor, maybe in a bowl with pebbles with it, keeping a bowl of fruits, keeping plants inside your homes. Anything that lifts up the positivity and growth is a good idea. 
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7. When it comes to furniture and its arrangement, it is advised in Feng Shui to be careful as to avoid dead space that might bring negative energy. Adhere to a less boring arrangement of furniture and experiment more to give your space a fresher outlook. After all its all about making your home happy for yourself to live in. Whatever makes you feel right, whatever lifts your energies should always be welcomed, because home is where the heart is, and the heart needs to feel at place, ALWAYS.