Living Vertically Breathing Horizontally!

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By: Aasawari kulkarni

The number of humans inhabiting the Earth are increasing by the second, but the amount of land we have will by no miracle increase even by an inch. This could be a ghastly truth until one day some genius suddenly came up with this idea saying, hey! why not?! Let’s all just start living on each other, meanwhile, you’ll can still keep your own interior spaces. A shared building, with personal interiors-brilliant!

 Once upon a time, in a city no less than a dream some innate design ideas were put to ground and, ‘chawls’ were transformed into apartments for better living conditions; space crunch was tackled by reclaiming mother nature’s land into our own, when even this space planning was not enough, more artificial land was built on land, and before anyone knew, this series of land sprinted up to as much as 100 levels. As people began to awe at the architectural marvels that the city saw, the country got a new direction of living; a vertical once!
Mumbai Chawls

Indeed has vertical living saved us in so many different way, and stands before us in uncanny stories of amazement.

• With practical validation, vertical living solves the problem of sheltering a maximum number of people in a minimum area.
• SO much land and space is saved. This land is being used instead by industries, farmers and other conveniences. We are preserving the arable land in the process.
• Our preserved horizontal spaces can then be put to an even better use.
• Commercial interior designing and office interior designing is also now seen in a new light. 

• Vertical living is not just convenient but very very sustainable, so we are not only helping  our selves but also the next generation.

Interior architecture and home ideas become more challenging but also interesting.
• It is easier to live in and economical to operate as well as maintain!
• It is smart, feasible and purposeful, and modern interiors are all about smart house ideas.
 • The natural neighbourhood they provide is so unnatural in today’s times! it’s like some 
way or the other you have to cooperate with your neighbours, then be it for a common revolt against the nosy maids or the pricy doodhwalas! Buildings are integrating to form the whole concept of ‘vertical cities’. 
• Have you thought about the terrific skyline that they give to the city? New York and Mumbai both are the most loved cities in the world, both famous for their towering skies and scrapers
We never really think about how vertical living has helped make our world a nicer place, both economically and environmentally. And little did we know that so much more is going to happen in this space. The other day, I was quite surprised to know from a friend who is studying architecture, that at least five students every year take up vertical living as their ‘thesis’ topic. And that was when I realised how much potential this space has and how important it is actually for the world we live in!

 In a way vertical living has not just solved many of our problems for today but also stands as tomorrow’s future.


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