Monsoon-ing your homes

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By : Aasawari Kulkarni

It’s a pretty season indeed. It still feels like spring, it’s still hot like summer, and it’s finally raining like monsoon. It is time to make our home rain ready, the way we play with our wardrobe. It’s a tricky weather, this one. Don’t let the humidity hit your house, don’t let the black clouds dull it a bit, time to adopt a new set of interior design styles. Here are a few home ideas to keep up with the weather and change and toss a few things around to lighten up your interiors and decorate your space to make it as bright as a monsoon rainbow.

1.Start with the entrance. Be it a grande entrance or be it a cozy little door and porch, hang some leaves and flowers, add some planters,paint your door up and emphasise rains in your home accent.Another sensible thing to do is put up a soothing canopy outside, saves you from sun, saves you from rain, saves your pretty garden and saves you the pain!

2.Why throw rugs are so important in monsoon is because not only do they save your pretty tiles and flooring, but they really add that colour you want. Use lots of mats and rugs in your space planning, weaved and printed, with organic patterns,

botanic illustrations, make your house feel like it’s raining!

3.Create an ambience to cover up the humidity. Adding nice flowers is classic interior designing. Tulips and lilies work wonders; one fun home decor tip, try planting their bulbs once they are done flowering so you can enjoy them the next season as well! Here, the colours the key so to save up all the mess, faux plants work wonders to just liven up your interiors.

4.Season change calls for a change in the house textiles. Your toss pillows, throw blankets, sheets, curtains, table covers, everything needs to give the vibe of the season and all add to your indoor design. Weaves and macrame, crochets, fresh coloured block prints, floral prints with chambray, cotton and linen compliment the season well.

5.Table tops are so little and add so much to your interior spaces. For quirking up your dining room interior design, throw some brilliant and patterned mats, add a nice bunch of flowers, bring in your vivid set of cutlery. Make sure you don’t miss match the entire setting though. You want to brighten it, not clutter it. For your sides and other tops, add colour through books, table throws and lively clocks and frames.

6.It gets really important to overshadow the monotones and dullness that monsoon might dawn upon your house. Adding lots of lights and lamps, candles, scented candles, and basically lighting up your interiors does it. You can also try some light strings and floating candles.

7.Your shelf display can also change a little bit just to match the entire vibe. Open shelves can be colour coded in springy colours, glass jars can take up most of the space to bring in more light and colour, shelves can be painted in bright spring colours.

Time to spring up your house decor to a perfect breezy monsoon home. Got a design idea? Time to try it and swoop them in your interior. Happy monsoon-ing! :)


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  2. These designing will give very fresh feeling in home.. Lovely designs !!