A Home Revamp With Antique Décor

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By:kinjal shah

Indulge in an amazing home makeover with vintage heirlooms and collectibles.

Being attached and closer to your roots comes across as an evergreen trend. Timeless and exquisite antiques adorned in your spacious homes, just adds-on to the charm and warmth to the entire place. Discover innumerable ways you can redo your home with some vintage telephones, trophies, furniture and many more fine collectibles.
Time is precious
Old pendulum clocks that ding-dong every hour, gives feel of the golden era, like no other. Time brings in a lot of memories from the past, moments to cherish in the present and planning the glorious future. Vintage pendulum clocks,  wrist or timeless chained roman watches, are extremely high on trend, worth and richness.
The Grand Living Room
Grandiose in every corner of your living room, definitely calls for joyous celebrations and gatherings with your precious antique folks. Dwell in living rooms, with comfort so spacious, gloomed with rich crystal chandelier, carved masterpieces sculpted to perfection and elegantly stroked portraits of iconic legends.   This superficially real décor calls for a royally delighted feel and extraordinary exuberance.
Study table in the study room
Carve your own niche amidst the aged fragrance of the legendry books and stories that have lived in our hearts for centuries. Soak yourself in the warmth and vintage gallery of well written pieces, inspired by the characters strong enough to steal your heart away! The booklyn décor is especially for those, who believe in dreams and miracles absolutely.
Dreamy Bathrooms
Bathrooms, one of the most favorite niches of our epic lifetimes. Bathrooms be so warm, so dreamy and so comforting, that every tear and smile is preciously reserved for as long as we live.  Glorious and wide spread vintage bathrooms with, bath tubs cupped against the floor and mirrors reflect the beauty of our existence, definitely  prove to an asset that never makes us feel like a stranger!
Royal Dining
A long glossy wooden table with leather chairs basked with floral  center piece, crockery detailed to vintage perfection and dim yellow glowing lights, sounds like a grand feast to grab! Time travel into the ages filled with glory and royalty, by designing your dining area to this ethnic perfection.
Colorful and Chic Bedroom
Embrace yourself in soft cozy blankets and cushions, sight and scent of boutique souvenirs and furniture carpeted with romantic florals . A room décor so welcoming, will surely make you blush, cherish and treasure every blossoming memory forever.

Transform your homes into supreme vintage garage full of rustic, scented and statement collectibles and live through  the times immemorial!

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