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By:- Prerna Kapoor
Photos courtesy:- Mitul Sharma


“Devi Prasad? Kaun Devi Prasad??”

To live in a country, bursting with restaurants, cafes and gastro-pubs, it takes great courage and deep sense of creativity to find your niche in the already existing innovative world. Owing to the fact that some patrons like to find identity in a place that complements their personality, young entrepreneurs have been sensitive and worked to develop restaurants and cafes that push the boundaries of convention. (And this café is one perfect example!)


A short walk from Sri Venkateswara College, the pride of Benito Juarez marg, a gleaming treasure, right smack in the middle of the Delhi University’s South Campus hub, Satya Niketan, Café Hera Pheri is hard to miss! Graciously flinging open its sizeable arched doors, one may find this enchanting, vibrant, cafe always filled up to the brim. (for a good reason!)

A work of art by three friends (or the three kings, as they call themselves!), Karan, Danish and Ronee, all in their emerging adulthood, expansive knowledge in the hospitality sector came handy, to bring this café into being, and strike the right chords of oodles of fun and laid-back chilling!


Walk in, and one will immediately be regaled with exquisite Punjabi melodies, instantly seeping the aura in one’s mind and soul, like tea from a teabag. The narrow alley, leading to a room filled with emerald green and jewel-coloured low seat surface height couches, has a captivating wall, on its right, with the entire wall finished, seamlessly, with the remnants of old mahogany door frames which prolongs upward, covering the entire ceiling. While on the other side of the restricted passage are converging mirrors, tingling the funny bones!

The vivid, intriguing interior, based on an interesting upside down concept, is well suggested by the name of the café Hera Pheri. While the ceiling is adorned with colourful inverted lamps, incandescent Edison’s bulbs (caged inside yellow dyed metal frames) and chalk painted archaic doors, an antique telephone, a miniature bicycle, hollow frames, painted brick texture and a staircase, a round aquarium tank and an outmoded clock embellish the walls.

It may be the vibrant outlook of the open-view kitchen, ornamented with an arched window, enclosed by exposed brickwork and a granite counter top, the fascinating menu or the seamless flow of lively colours throughout the café, the impression this café leaves on each person entering it, is unparalleled.


The yummy scents of irresistible food with an added advantage of an actual Babu Bhaiya as your server for the evening, a café, such eccentric, is exhibiting all the important elements of colours, amusement, chic and enjoyment, all under one roof, with a single stroke of memorable inkling, which would make you want to come back more often, to take a break in here!

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