10 Brilliant Ideas To Decorate Your Office With Sticky Notes

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By: Manjiri Kochrekar

Spice up your workplace to boost your enthusiasm and efficiency at work with these amazing sticky notes decor ideas!

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Spicing up your regular workspace with colorful, attractive sticky notes can add charm to it and boost your enthusiasm to work harder with refreshed mind. Appropriate use of sticky notes can help you remind certain important tasks and make it easy for you to execute tasks in time. And, the most wonderful thing is that you need to invest minimal energy in decorating your office interiors with sticky notes.

So, why not come up with different, interesting ideas to decorate your office interiors with colorful sticky notes, add creativity, and boost your work efficiency and enthusiasm? So, Houssup takes pleasure to offer you a list of amazing office interior design ideas to help you embellish your workplace with beautiful creations with sticky notes.

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1. Jazz Up Your Cubicle:

Your cubicle is the place where you spend most of your time when at work. So, why not decorate your cubicle and its surroundings with multicolored, vibrant sticky notes! Get sticky notes of green, pink, blue, yellow, violet, and other colors. Choose to decorate a particular area of your cubicle with just one color. For instance, decorate your table with yellow notes. Create digits, small wonderful images, and other creative stuff using sticky notes. Colorful decorations will not only make your cubicle attractive but also provide you choice to create memos or make notes at the right places which will remind you all essential tasks.


2. Switch Notes To Hint You:

Creating a switch out of sticky notes is an innovative idea that will facilitate you to create a reminder to perform a task. Paste a bunch of square-shaped sticky notes on your office wall, make a square hole in the middle, and create a traditional switch button in the hole with the help of small pieces of white paper. You can write necessary reminders on its sides to help you remember important things as you look at the switch.

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3. Tune The Time With Sticky Clocky Notes:

Time is one of the crucial aspects when you are at work. So, creating wonderful office interior designs by using sticky notes that have clock shapes and designs can be a brilliant way to remind you the time for a particular task. You can develop small designs using alarm clock-shaped notes on work desk, cabin, conference room, and many other suitable places which you look upon often. Draw needles on the clock to specify time of your meetings.


4. Have Calendar Prompts:

Are you habituated to glance at the calendar often when at work? So, why not develop an adorable calendar by using colorful sticky notes on the walls of your office! Use various colors of rectangle-shaped colorful sticky notes and create a small yet spacious calendar of the month every month of year to jot down all important tasks.  Create columns using these notes to develop weeks. Use markers to write tasks on the notes. Not only it will act as an reminder but also enhance the appearance of your workplace.

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5. Woods Memo On Your Keyboard:

Tree-shaped sticky notes can serve as pleasant memos to remember important tasks of the day. Place these green tree-shaped notes in between the keys of your keyboard creating a small forest office decor. Write important timings and tasks on the trees to help you remind them when you spend long hours working on your desktop.

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6. Debug The Errors:

Aren't you bound to make errors when at work? And, errors grab your attention instant. So, use error sticky notes to create memos and reminders of important meetings and tasks. Paste windows-shaped error notes on your table, drawers, and walls of the cubicle to make you turn to them to remember crucial jobs of the day.

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7. Glam Up Your Office Wall With Guitar:

Adding an image of an exquisite guitar to your ever-busy office interiors is bound to make your work atmosphere more pleasant than usual. So, use various colorful sticky notes and create beautiful design of a guitar on one of your office walls with the help of an expert office interior designer. Whenever you have a look at the creative guitar, it will bring a smile on your face and ward off all your stress.


8. Spruce Up With Tourist Attractions:

If you work in a tours and travel office, then sticky notes having signs and name of various international tourist destinations can be a brilliant way to glam up the interior design for your office. Get notes bearing logo, images, and names of all popular countries and tourist attractions and paste them around your cubicle, on the walls of the entrance of your office, and in most places where clients will glance often.

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9. Inspire Yourself With Motivation Quotes On The Walls:

Inspirational or motivational quotes and words will keep you going when at work. So, why not have your workplace adorned with some brilliant motivational quotes? Paste varied shaped sticky notes on the walls of your office and write a range of motivational quotes on them with the help of markers. Choose light-colored markers on dark-colored notes and vice-versa to make the quotes look clear. You can have opinion of an office interior designer for wonderful design ideas of sticky notes to have amazing collection of inspirational quotes.

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10. Talking Bubbles Alerts:

Ideas and tips catch you attention the most when you see them in a chat format. Having memos and tips on talking bubbles sticky notes can be one of the best ways to remember important tips or alerts. Stick these chatty notes on your drawers, table, walls of the cubicle, and other places that you glance often. Jot down daily to-dos on these notes. The talking bubbles will not only remind you crucial tasks but also bring a smile on your face when you see them.

Now that you know all these ten brilliant ideas to improve the appearance of your office while serving the purpose of reminding you important jobs, make sure you choose some of these  sticky notes design ideas and make your office more beautiful and more efficient. Share your experiences with us by leaving a comment below.


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