Top interior design startups in India

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What we deal with in Interior design is the way we experience spaces. Interior design is basically a necessary part of our daily lifestyle, coming into play the way it influences our daily activities. Tranquil & Elegant homes, productive workplaces, aesthetic aura all around, are the trademark signs of an interior design at work.
Interior design at a glance doesn't appear so but it is definitely more than aesthetics. It's is essentially about discovery of creative design solutions pertaining to interior environments along with providing a firm support to the health, safety and well being of person involved and improving their quality of life.
Now it's paramount for the designers to be knowledgeable about the various sorts of furnishings, accessories and ornaments, their types and characteristics used in creating interiors. Furniture, carpeting, floor covering paint, lighting, paint and wall covering, wrought metal, glass, art and artifacts, fixtures are but some of the various items and materials designers select from. In addition to this, they must be knowledgeable of the multitude of styles and history of styles of design, art and architecture.
The home designdecor and home improvement industry is rising despite the slump in real estate industry and it will soon reach the point of break-even in a few years. It is showing no signs of cooling off. It is high time indeed to invest in your skills and to decide on a career in this creative and fulfilling field.
It is a widespread belief that this is one of the segments in India that is on the rise, home improvement industry is attracting a plethora of players into the market; both national and international. The situation in the market today is attracting various prospecting companies; in sectors such as retail and the real estate. As is typical of the Indian subcontinent, this market is still a highly unorganized market one, where brands like Natuzzi, Home Centre, Evok and even Chateau D’ax are trying to establish themselves as the biggies of this field.
Indian market in this era is a-booming reaching just a mere shadow of its full potential. To streamline this process,; A new player in this market is challenging the old norms by working on organizing this sector through unique technological solutions, such as online consultancy, end-to-end execution  and establishing an online portal to dissolve the disconnect between the designer community as a whole. is community based, design oriented and technology enabled solution for end to end home furnishings and interior design. We want to hand hold the customer, make him visualize the design into his space and finally implement the exact design. We are bridging the gap between design inspiration and implementation through Virtual Reality   & Artificial Intelligence.  has  created a  global community of interior designers and architects and offers an interactive and user-friendly platform where people can browse through a plethora of interior design templates, profiles of interior designers,  make a mood board according to their taste and personality, get up to 5 quotations from some of the best interior designers from our global community, get the chosen design visualized through our Virtual Reality gadget before implementation and finally get a time bound, transparent and cost effective implementation
The plight Indian interior design startups seem to be facing is poor supply chain, unorganized vendors and a disconnect between the design community; factors we will have to overcome to face the likes of biggies such as houzz, decorist.

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