A green home for you is now a reality

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Written by: Manaswita Ghosh

The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.

― John Muir


John Muir’s universe was much better than what it is today, and what it will be. The world has changed constantly, earthquakes giving new dimensions to the land, the weather gradually shifting from a blend of pleasant and blissful to a combination of extremes that has driven humanity to create artificial living and breathing systems. Air conditioning has become a necessity, and gardening has become a thing of the past unless you are lucky enough to live in the countryside. The urban populace has made a living out of dusty skies and dustier living spaces, but is it all that is going to be? What can we do to get that better universe of John Muir? Is it possible to evoke it at all?

My answer is, yes. If you still wonder how it is going to be, I would whisper the three magic words into your ear—Urban green revolution. Anything from that pot plant in your bedroom to the fauna in your balcony, it’s a part of this exciting trend. You do not need to dream of lush green mountains and valleys anymore. The age of designing has reached a point where you can have your own valley of bliss, right in your tenth floor apartment!

A small patch of planting can change the course of your life, making you healthier, happier and more productive. But what is the right approach to such a unique living system? How do you design your home and give it a unique twist, introducing the perfect living wall systems throughout? Here’s the answers to all your queries:

1.Living walls: Converting that boring white wall in your property into a green one was never this exciting! You can pick any unused wall and make it grow into a living wall. It doesn’t matter if it’s interior or exterior, these living walls are easy to maintain and sustain if you opt for the right plant. Earlier, it was difficult to establish a living wall system indoors, and we kept it to pot plants. But now you can opt for floor-to-ceiling living walls indoors that liberate everyone living in the house. Places like corridors, waiting spaces, or the wall near that staircase can be turned into a cooler, beautiful green living being.

Exterior walls are a different story altogether. These not only help make the interiors cooler in summer (considering global warming, you are going to thank these green walls), they help protect the walls from corrosion and weather damage. Plants absorb a large amount of noise as well, insulating the building against noise pollution. Exterior living walls are perfect for home, office and restaurants, adding value to life and your customers.

2.Terrace gardens, bio-balconies and green roof: If there’s anything better than living walls, it’s living balconies and terrace gardens. Not only this arrangement gives you the chance to reinvent that unused space on the top of your home, it makes up for all the space you can get to bring to life the magical green space you had always dreamt of. When you do not have a vertical landscape to design in case of living walls, the horizontal space of a terrace can be a great opportunity for you to experiment with varieties of plants such as shrubs, wildflowers and cacti, sedums and herbs etc. These are surprisingly easy to maintain as well, given the right installation of irrigation systems and the density and depth of the soil you grow the garden on. Sunlight isn’t an issue here, so you have a large variety of flora and fauna to choose from. One of the many advantages of having a garden on your roof is the inevitable decrease in pollution levels as the plants absorb most of it, leaving you with clean, fresh air.

3.Living pictures: When we speak of living walls, you may think of reinventing those to an extent they intrigue the artist in you some more. Perhaps this is why we have another unique form of living walls that we call living pictures. No these aren’t the ones from Harry Potter, where people very much move around, the ‘living pictures’ in the world of designing and architecture signify a portrait that’s simply made out of plants. This modular wall system is extremely clever; pre-grown fauna is simply embedded on the portrait to give in the unbeatable look that every designer loves. You have the flexibility to change the design of the living picture anytime since these are only embedded upon the vertical portrait. The irrigation system for these are amazing, with hidden tanks of water that need no refill up to six weeks.

Given the fact that I have just introduced you to a whole new world of modern artificial gardening, I understand your anticipation to get started with these and install them in your house soon. It’s time to explore with this new and unique trend of living wall systems, instead of being sad about not having the natural garden on your property. An artificial garden is as much beneficial as a natural one, given the right planning and execution.