When the Bohemian lifestyle became the new mantra

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By:- Manaswita Ghosh

In an overly materialistic world, where the trends constantly tell you what is hot, and what’s not, what you must own to belong to the new league of cool, and luxury is the new necessity, a bunch of individuals have come up with a “lifestyle of less”.

What exactly is it, you may ask.

Is it about living a spiritual life after renouncing all worldly pleasures, like Budhha did? Or is it living somewhere off in the mountains like a hermit? If yes, why should I opt for it? How ideal is it to follow the bohemian lifestyle?

The truth is, minimalism isn’t exactly any of the above. Minimalism isn’t a fairly new concept, although everyone around you who is opting for it would like you to believe that.

Minimalism doesn’t require you to renounce the world, your family and relationships, minimalism doesn’t call for certain religious or cultural beliefs. In simple terms, minimalism is a way of life where you possess as less items as you can, thriving on the bare minimum. Not really comfortable, you think. But stay with me.

What is comfort, other than your ability to eat, sleep, relax, work and take care of your personal hygiene? That’s all the word is about, isn’t it? Minimalism focuses on just that. If I asked you to design a room that hosted enough items (the minimum items) to make you at ease, what would you go for?

Designing your home keeping a minimal theme in mind isn’t difficult. A couch for the drawing room, an armchair, a lamp and air conditioning. A duvet for your bedroom, a blanket and pillow, a few pairs of clothes, your laptop and cellphone, a desk and a chair. A simple dining set without any intricate design. Take a peek into the kitchen and we have a set of pot and pan, perhaps a spork and a ladle, a plate, a cup and a bowl. A basket to hold your essentials in the bathroom. A pair of shoes and sandals. A box of medicines. Bare minimum and yet you are comfortable. I know you aren’t convinced, not yet. So I will give you a few more reasons to consider minimalism as the new cool lifestyle.

1.   More people are opting for minimalism because of advancement in technology and computing. Earlier, you needed a book, a radio, your collection of DVDs, music system, a television and a wall clock to accomplish your needs for entertainment and telling the time. Today, a laptop compensates for all of these.

2.   In today’s world, when consumerism has grown by leaps and bounds, and markets make you believe you cannot do without something, a life without distractions and complications becomes a dream. Peace of mind has become a thing of past and personal freedom has been bounded by the amount of things we possess. After all, the more you own, the more you maintain. Minimalism is like a whiff of fresh air that helps you focus on what you need in your life, helping you get rid of what you can easily do without.

3.   Life is actually more fruitful and result-oriented when you focus your energy into what you do rather than constantly worrying about what to own. You will notice the amount of time you save when you are not shopping. It’s easier to take up a new hobby, read, exercising and getting a good night’s rest when there’s nothing to distract or stress you or consume your valuable time. A minimalistic lifestyle helps you take up a healthier lifestyle in a much better manner, simply because it is available and you can grab it because you have that space in your life.

4.   The art of modern design and aesthetics dawned with minimalist art, a revolution that began in early 1960s and evolved itself through art, music, painting and architecture. Modern art and architecture is a descendent of this concept and believes that minimum is better. The less you show, the more you reveal through your thought process.

5.   As more people are being swept under the tide of personal debts and are facing financial turmoil, they opt for minimalist living simply to identify the necessities of life and it helps them avoid the expenses to a large extent. Turbulent stock markets, costly education and student loans, static salaries, and the rise in unemployment are a few factors in the rise of minimalism. Some take it up out of concern for the environment, after all, the lesser you consume, the better.

In other words, you gain more when you own less. Minimalism isn’t just another trend you can opt for, it’s a lifestyle worth living, something that benefits you effectively on a personal level. So go ahead, cast away those unnecessary shades and hop into a brighter, spacious life.

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  1. Hello Manaswita... Your insight into minimalist lifestyle is, indeed, intriguing! I'd love to have a go at it one day. It would be a low lost endeavour as well considering that all we need to do is lessen our materialistic burden. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Such a fresh idea! A combination of cost effectiveness and modern design is a win win for Indian consumers. Maybe this could be the start of a new trend. Look forward to read more articles written by you :-)