Kitchen greens and all that’s ‘tween.

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By:- Aasawari Kulkarni

Spice up your kitchen with some red hot chillies, freshen up your space with all the mints and greens, add a pinch of tang with lemons and tomatoes and you have the perfect recipe to a gorgeous kitchen garden. Because going to the fruit and vegetable market to get your veggies is too mainstream!
Imagine, picking out fresh broccoli’s from your balcony just outside your kitchen and making a fresh meal! The satisfaction of not eating all those insecticide and pesticide rich veggies is one thing and the edge it gives to your interiors is another! Kitchen gardens don’t just decorate your corners but they are so useful, you won’t believe it. And the colour they add to your homes is incredible.
When planning space for your kitchen gardens, these are some fun tips you would like to consider..
• keeping a 300-400 sq.ft area is a good idea. Roof tops, backyards, balconies or front gardens also both make a wonderful space for kitchen gardens. Moreover you can be more innovative and turn a little corner in your kitchen into a small kitchen garden!

• Modern interior designing ideas suggest using pots and drums and decorating them in your own way to make your garden more personalized. You can paint your pots and you can arrange them in an interesting fashion. You could go crazy and make interesting pots of your own. Mason jars, old used up jars, interesting glass jars, anything and everything could make wonderful planters.

• Colour coding your plantations is also a good idea, for example, all reds could fall in one line and greens could fall in another.

• Another interesting way of adding dimension to your garden is by adding platforms and giving heights to some of the pots. Vertical planting could look gorgeous.You can paint the garden walls to make it a part of the garden. Or just go next level and create a whole environment in your kitchen by adding accessories to your gardens.

• To really lighten up your spaces, you can get hold of some pretty garden lamps and lights and hang them around your garden or over one of your really precious plantations.

• Just making a kitchen garden is not the end of it, it’s just the beginning actually; because taking care of all these green babies is a task. You have to be sure to not just water them everyday but feeding the soil is necessary to ensure a healthy growth. Meanwhile, keeping the garden clean is extremely important because all these tasks might end up leaving stains and stinks that you definitely don’t want in your interiors!

• You could start with the easier veggies like lemons and tomatoes and once you get the trick, you can pretty much grow anything. Make sure you’re really interested in gardening because ignoring your garden does not lead to anything beautiful!

Gardens take home decor to a next level. If we think about the history of interior designing, kitchen gardens start from the time when people didn’t want to make an effort of picking eatables from the wild, so, instead they started growing fruits and vegetables in their own spaces, meanwhile also decorating their homes! And today

kitchen gardens are coming back to households, all grown up! Since people are becoming so health conscious all over again. Plus they make a lovely and innovative space and pep up your interiors if done correctly.

You can really play around and do anything that suits your taste, after all it’s your very own garden. The ease of kitchen gardens can surprise you. And the content of eating home-grown food is just great. So just try your hands once on a small plantation and have fun planning your brisk and fresh spaces and liven up your living spaces! Happy gardening to you.