The Pan Indian Picture of Home Decor.

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By: Anikta Jha

The pride of India thrives in the diversity of its cultures and colors.

What more is a face to this thriving brilliance than homes, those adorned in love homes!

There is a sizeable and noticeable distinction in interiors and the architecture of homes in different states of India owing to the geography and the culture persistent respectively. The interiors depend a lot on the markets that surround the region and the style that builds the optimum craze of the place. It also depends on the climate, the traditions and the beliefs of different religion specific regions.

We shall look into some of these brilliance in differences!

The Classy touch from Kashmir

The art in all its intricacy thrives here. You will find beautifully carved furnitures in curves and patterns. The regality of the decor depicts a certain age old dignity and tale. Beautiful religious paintings or abstracts adorn the walls of a well off Kashmiri house. The beautiful weather here adds on to the beauty of the closed houses here. Wooden artifacts and furs are a major yes here. This is in a way a beautiful blend of tradition and stay!

Nature’s friend and Rustic North East

An all lush green adornment defines a North Eastern home. The decor is determined in the lovely gardens both indoors and outdoors. Also, you shall find furnitures made of jute and cane. Locally made in beautiful designs, jute furnitures are light and in style these days. The nature lives with the people here in their homes!

The Vibrant Rajasthan

A perfect reply to the dry arid climate in Rajasthan, the people opt of bright pastel colors in this place. You will notice this welcoming vibrancy all through Rajasthan, in turbans, apparels and most importantly homes. The beautiful embroideries and lovely carvings are the first choice in all homes here. The walls of a household are seemingly in a lighter shade so as to bring out the exuberant color range of the decors. Howsoever, the exteriors of the house are brightly colored. The colors from your own des!

Humble and sea love from Maharashtra

Owing to the tropical humid climate, the houses consist of many doors and windows to maintain a breezy reverberance of the house. Imposing furnitures that are durable and not delicate in texture is the first choice here. The furnitures from West India especially Maharashtra sit low in the grounds. In Mumbai, the traditional decor mostly is inspired from the Portuguese and Victorian design strategies. The sea is the decor, rest the Maharashtrians know it all!

The South Indian style.

South Indian interiors are identified with a sparsely populated decor. Every house has a verandah in the middle of the house where direct sun rays fall, there is a wooden carved jhoola in every household, almost. The cushions and the other creative zones are embroidered or colored in a style known as Kolam. A typical South Indian home would give you are refreshed sense of peace and space. That defines the all jolly nature in the household and family!


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