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By:- Palak Suckhlecha
Photos courtesy:- Mitul Sharma

Walking down the street of Meharchand market, Lodhi colony in Delhi, I came across a very attractive glass panel with a sneaker shoe drawn in geometrical patterns. This is when I lift my head up through all the hustle and noise to come across bhane., which has adaptively reused their clothing line to create an impressive interior space. It also has an attractive spiral stair case to take you to their authentic custom made cafe and a corner of Must-Haves sneakers.

Nicknamed as “dil walo ki Delhi”, those who know Delhi will have an idea about it’s reputation as a fast moving, always in a hustle metropolis. It’s a city where noise, color and feelings all clash to leave you struggling to catch your breath. When I came to Delhi, I was passionate to explore something different and leave a mark, but seeing the competition around left me overwhelmed. This is when bhane. became an inspiration and made me realize how important it is, to not be  ordinary but to stand out and be unique.


Struggling with the same challenges and competitions, ‘Anand Ahuja' an entrepreneur and the brain behind bhane., started bhane. as a clothing brand. Between all the Delhi blues, bhane.’s passion and motive of being different and unique got them to where they are today.

Starting as just an online clothing merchandise, around 2 years ago they stepped their first foot in the real world through their authentic retail store. They then extended their reach by attracting customers through their thoughtfully made cafe merging with their existing retail store. And within the past 3 years, bhane. also expanded their business to New York.  “You are whatever you settle for”, this Motto of their's kept them from settling as just another clothing brand. From their custom made ice- cream varieties to their elegant interiors of the retail cum cafe, all was set to make customers relate to their clothing. Voila! We got it all.


When I entered bhane. it was a breathe of fresh air away from the bustling road outside because of the intelligently and intentionally designed and incorporated interiors.
But what attracted me the most was their competent approach of filling my stomach with a refreshing coffee and a scoop of ice cream along with making me feel good and comfortable in my body, by their street style clothing. bhane made it impossible for me to walk out of the store empty handed even though my pockets got empty. The overall experience was breathtaking and the satisfaction was all-consuming.


What to look out for ?
The spiral staircase
Cork wall panels
Exposed structure used for seating
Wooden furniture  
Accent color bhane. cloth frames
Cardboard boxes #bhane.LOVE
Curved metal display sheets
bhane upholstered pouffs  

A strong vibe rooted in versatility and elegance greets you at the door of bhane. Using the existing structure as their USP and enhancing it by using bhane’s  waste cloth for interior decoration gave them an edge for an impeccable interior design. Furnished with so much variation in materiality one might assume it to be a little mind- boggling, but instead what bhane. accomplished was a very trendy yet a minimalistic interior space to sooth and capture our interests.  

Beginning with the very charismatic wooden staircase which upheld my attention, it can provide the customer with a very smooth transition from the retail store on the ground floor to the cafe on the first floor. This very experience created by the staircase perfectly suits and executes their idea of mixing the two commercial acts (retail and cafe) into one. The staircase is placed to the right as soon as you enter, making it very approachable for customers. But the attention from the clothes was still kept intact due to the use of pipes that goes all around the space, used for hanging and displaying clothes.

As you move to the first floor, the curved metal sheets used to display the expensive and most wanted sneakers gives the feel of luxury and youthfulness at a glance. The use of denim blues in the cushions and upholstered poufs, and accent color fabrics for decoration on the walls, mixed along with accents of neutrals in their wooden furniture sets a playful tone in the space. The cork wall panels are definitely something that won’t go unnoticed and are doing complete justice with the overall feel of the space.

Out of the many inspiring ideas from this innovative commercial space, my two favorites are the cardboard boxes with #bhanelove written in the kitchen area of the cafe and the beautiful windows created in between the structural poles to keep different games and magazine for customers to rejuvenate are exceptional intriguing.


By successful encapsulating the customers in their chiconomic and distinct clothing style and by providing them with the warmth and refined opulence through their elegant interiors, they stood out as a must for Feature Friday by Houssup. #bhanelove brings you a taste of rising sun, a title well justified by its brand.