An interior bliss on the local streets!

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By:Ankita Jha 

It is not important that your house brims in interior with lavish decors and expensive antiques. Look around with a keen eye and you shall find home ideas lurking around the corners of your house.

The markets on the streets, they say know your choice better in varieties and options!

The gleaming metros of our country are hideouts for excellent home decor products and interiors mix match local shops. A casual visit to these places would give you instant design ideas. A sneak peak from these cities and the markets for better home ideas for you!

Amar Colony, New Delhi

They have no address! The wheelers traders spread between the streets and basements. You must know the art of bargaining to get perfect deals along this furniture street. You will find different designs and artistic carvings on the furnitures here. They sell second hand furnitures modified in brilliant textures and also the new ranges. Vintage Furniture is the call here, tables, chairs of all sizes and cuts can be your dig. The market places itself near Moolchand Metro Station.

Chor Bazaar, Mumbai

Chor Bazaar is the largest flea market in India. You will find second hand products in good shapes and at a very cheap rate along this market near Bhendi Bazaar, South Mumbai. Chor Bazaar is a bliss for interior lovers. Just take a stroll at this place and you will image a perfect corner of your room as this place also entails home ideas with the variety of products at hand! You will find antiques and vintage products in a go and at reasonable prices. The only concern is a keen eye for design and quality products. Go have a spree!

Sultan Bazaar, Hyderabad

Hyderabad speaks of regality in a mysterious Mughal manner! If you are a lover of old antique designs and products for your home decor, Sultan Bazaar is the place for you. Handicrafts and looms made in a keen fashion and with intricate thread work along with shining jewel work! The mughal miniature karigari and minakari can also be traced in the purdah work and carpets found here. All you got to do is look in the corners and hideouts in this busiest bazaar of Hyderabad.

Chandpol Bazaar, Jaipur

Chandpol Bazaar is your stop if you are the lover of intricate carvings and traditional sculptures for that perfect home of yours! At Khazanewalon ka Raasta, you will find amazing sculptures of marble and wooden carved products that would definitely give your home decor a regal as well as an antique siege. These streets provide you with a flamboyant range of interior decor marvels in stones, wood and marbles. The carpets here are a seek too!

Malleswaram 8th cross, Bangalore

This place is one of the busiest streets in Malleswaram. It speaks of brilliantly carved handcrafted products. This street is not specific to home decor products and thus you will have to find your way to your needs. From all your daily needs to fresh kitchen products, this place has it all. Run along with a keen eye and I am sure you will find some delicate creativity fit to entail the interiors of that lovely home of yours


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