The shift in the paradigm: Traditional to Modern Home Designs

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By:Deepak Bharadwaz

Time evolves and with it everything does

The changing times and cultural paradigm shift have influenced our lifestyle in remarkable ways and have managed to find their existence in all walks of our lives. Contemporary stands for modern or ceasing to be traditional and currently the world is going contemporary on a host of things. Interior designing is also being allured by the trend and the younger generation is bringing in its touch of tasteful sassiness that has now become the necessity to accommodate the changing times and needs. Let’s deep dive into why contemporary is gaining fast pace in our current existence:

Then they thought, let there be light

Traditionally Home designs have always weighed towards closed rooms with dark wooden furniture, with pieces of gaudy art. Owing to the influence of spiritual elements on interior designs, the importance of a well-lit home has been stressed on and the designs have been formulated to match up the same. Open and glassy rooms with bigger windows to allow light to flow in and decors which complement the setup have become more prominent.

What’s life without rich colors?

Taking a break from the dark/grey form of traditional designs, people have now moved onto colors that compliment their moods and help them to be in high spirits. You can get creative with the patterns and combination of colors that would enable you to feel livelier and make your decors aesthetic as per your preferences.

Going organic for the nature’s touch

Instead of the traditional wood and leather for your furniture, use of wool, cotton and other organic material for decorative purposes would liven up your house and make the experience closer to the nature. Use of rock, slate, plants and modern textiles in carpeting has made modern interior designs more attractive and has seen people getting attracted to the same in large numbers.

Keeping it light and airy

Heavy furniture which was marked as the trademark of the pre modern era has now become a lost infatuation, for the modern furniture provide a more relaxed approach to living. The Heavy decors were replaced by light and airy counterparts that are more casual in livability approach. Cotton or woolen stuffing to the furniture with fluffy patterns is now the key for grand furnishings.

Textures touching your feet

The contemporary style of furnishing has made floorings with minimal lines and bare designs with finishes in hardwoods, ceramic, porcelain tiles and marble more relevant to the current generation needs. Area rug to keep barefoot walking in certain areas and to demarcate the place is a brilliant subtle way of decorating.

Cause the exteriors matter too

While focus is on the interior details of the house, we have to weigh heavy weightage on exterior architectural details while designing the house. The houses contemporarily are heavily based on simple architecture and are free from heavy ornamentation of the classical styled buildings. Most exterior detailing is free from heavy ornamentation and is based on simple rectilinear lines or curves. More importantly the design is for well blended homes which want to stay in harmony with nature with lush gardens or flora.

Cause Life without technology would be unimaginable

Lastly but more importantly, Technology has become an integral part of every stream of our life and without it life would be empty and harrowing. The contemporary interiors accommodate everything from your computers to wireless speakers and are adept in hiding them in the textures of their design. The heating/cooling system, security cameras and lighting are all hidden behind beautiful details.

Hence it is very clear why the younger generation is opting for contemporary designs for home decors over the age old traditional homes for it is not only about the look but it also about how it makes them feel.



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