Tangible future of AI, AR and VR, for interior designing, starts now!

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VR and AR present a formidable set of challenges from both a software and hardware perspectives. From graphics and rendering performance, to the intricacies of design details, a lot of what we knew before needs to be rethought, re-architected and re-implemented. To that end, Houssup is very busy working with its main VR/AR employees to provide our designers and homeowners with the best tools, technologies and run-time engine to support their creation and development efforts.

Today, designers are turning to augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to replace their physical products.These technologies allow for faster design iterations at a fraction of the cost.
While some similar systems have already been presented, the system proposed by Houssup includes additional functions for the user interface and an improved implementation. For example, the user can interact with virtual furniture using a Houssup Bot (AI) in real time, and change the color, style, or covering of furniture in a real environment. Therefore, this allows complex and varied designs to be explored and visualized, making AR technology for interior design accessible to both professionals and amateurs.

The benefits of visualisation are relevant for both professional purposes: design development and design collaboration, and for customer interface.  A common, and incredibly costly problem, is the misinterpreted of the design or misunderstanding of what results are expected.  AR could give the clients more assurance that they are getting what they want and designers can better engage the client and deliver a more resolved and understood solution. Furthermore by allowing homeowners to walk through spaces, as part of the design process, information could be collated regarding their interactions. This could greatly improve the quality of building as designers could see first-hand how spaces would be used and then develop and improve from there.

The Short Term

At Houssup, AI, VR and AR have both short- and long-term visions. The short term effort, over the next 6-12 months, is directly aimed at making the task of creating high quality VR and AR content easier for our designers and homeowners and simultaneously focusing on the basic learings of Houssup Bot. It consists of several key projects :
  • VR/AR Platforms
  • Support all main VR/AR platforms with the best possible VR/AR content
  • VR/AR Performance/Quality
  • Drastically increase our rendered final products and quality across VR/AR devices.
  • VR editing extensions to homeowners where it gets easier for them to make real time, real space customization and visualize the space in the most satisfactory manner.
  • Make it easier for our designers to develop VR content over our platform
  • Provide designers with an online interactive design tool.
  • Provide source discovery through AI.
  • A possible selection of creative heads, by the AI, for designers to team up with.
  • Generation of rough estimate, by the Houssup Bot, based on a chat based application.
  • Suitable designer discovery, for the homeowners, by the Bot.

The Long Term

The long term vision is based on an effort to imagine how, if we take VR and AR together as a single piece of technology, along with the help of AI, they could end up completely transforming the way we create and interact with our design and spaces within the next decade. With a merged, coherent and powerful AR/VR technology millions of designers and homeowners would then create and learn in virtual worlds created by Houssup technicians.
But this is also about imagining a future where designing will be made easier through creating and developing within the VR worlds themselves. A future where creating high end designs is within the reach of ever smaller creative teams. A future where assets understand each other. The glass knows it is on a the table and can fall. The door knows it can connect to the frame and move the shutter inside out. Assets have metadata. Assets are smart and thus contribute to a far easier and simplified experience in order to produce far more sophisticated designs and content. Assets are the basic modules that provide the foundation for AI assisted design. The possibilities are enormous. These are just some of the different areas we are committed and focused on. Houssup is dedicated to making VR/AR development as frictionless as possible for our designers and as rich as possible for the homeowners.

Our vision is to, eventually, create real-time, real-space, professional, global interior designing and home furnishing platform by spreading the consciousness among the community over various mediums.