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BY: Resham karmchandani

15 best and affordable ways to make your house cosier

Home is the place where the heart belongs. It takes you in after a long day of work, no questions asked. No matter who you are or where you live, the home of your dreams is definitely affordable. The essence and the idea is to make it cosier and homely. Na ah! We are not talking big money and burn a hole in the pocket interior renovation. We are talking basic upgrading and smart shopping that will tune up your personal piece of heaven! Read on to know the 15 best and affordable ways to make your home cosier-

    1. Bed throw
Invest in a beautiful hand woven and chunky rug that covers your bed and looks rich. Go for the neutral tones, to make the space look warmer and welcoming.                                


  2. Rugs
Imagining waking up and climbing down the bed in the morning and the first thing that your feet feel is that soft plush rug! Won’t it be amazing! Treat yourself to a couple of woven rugs and station them around the bed, couches and main seating area.
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  3.The outdoor in – One word. Terrariums. They are cute and low maintenance. The best part? They make your house come alive. These terrariums play with light and give a very homely feel to the space.
4.  Declutter - Do not go overboard with the accents and show pieces. Know when to stop. Keep one emphatic feature in each room.

5. Fairy lights- Cute, sparkly and very personal, fairy lights are the surest way to start a conversation and be the perfect welcoming host.
   6.  Have a corner- Indulge in a corner that you can tuck yourself in and read some books or take a power nap anytime.
   7.  Book shelves - Nothing draws people in like a beautiful arrangement of books. If you are a reader then invest in an out of the box book shelf and have your own little piece of heaven.
  8. Snack shelf Munchies help you make friends. Have a beautiful corner with state of the art munchies for lengthy conversations and tea breaks.
9.  Mix it up- Do not get too boxed up by a theme. Invest in fabrics and furniture pieces that you really like. Do not be afraid to throw in a plush velvet cushion over a rustic corner sofa. It’s all about taking risks!

10.Frame adorned wall -Work out a space on the wall that you will dedicate only to photographs. The family photographs are fun to work with but you can jazz up the interiors by including random images of positive quotes and nature! It drives away the monotony and gives it an artistic edge.

11. Eclectic accents- You do not have to sacrifice comfort for sophistication. Search up that engine and look for DIY corners that give you insights into arranging eclectic accents together. Splash a colourful rug in a white room followed by some colour blocked cushions and a stack of books!

12.Cushions please- Nothing says ‘welcome home’ like a fluffy pair of cushions. Juxtapose hand block printed cushions with bedspreads and corner couches. These look rich and indigenous, telling tales of faraway lands.

13.The ottoman- Have a cosy corner in the main seating area. Invest in a plush ottoman and surround it with a beautiful rustic lamp and voila! You have the perfect setting for some impromptu reading.

14. Kid’s artwork- Clean walls and kids do not go hand in hand. Instead of having a row where you both end up huffed and puffed, have a wall that your kids can doodle on!

15.Chandeliers – Chandeliers boast of sophistication but if place one in unfavourable surrounding, it can often end up looking out of place. Know your space and invest in a chandelier that works for you. Go for a low hung chandelier or a stroke painted upcycled one!