Gen next and modern homes: A better prospect

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By:Manaswita Ghosh

Traditional Vs Modern homes: What do the youth prefer?

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Transition has always been a subject that has fascinated me. The transition of fashion, trends, interior designing, architecture, or something as simple as the tastes and preferences of a generation. It is interesting to note how the youth of today prefer an entirely different setting than what their predecessors did, not more than two or three decades ago. The transition of these preferences has been rather fast with globalization, access to the latest trend and style, thanks to the internet.
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So it comes as no surprise that when we speak of trends in interior designing, the youth of today prefer to live in a modern setting than the traditional humdrum. After all, when we have quit the old ways and signed up for the new, why live in the past? We have access to the best of the present and the future, and it’s worth opting for!

One of the greatest advantages of a modern designed home is that it has something for every single person in the house. The best part of modern designing is that it has eliminated the excruciatingly detailed elements which were the heart and soul of traditional designing, and replaced them with simple ones. Our lifestyle has gone from the slow-paced, humdrum life of our ancestors to a fast-paced one. We have busy lives, complex jobs and we operate yet more complex technology on a daily basis. It is only natural that a mind that is capable of handling an ever fast and changing technology needs to shut itself up and experience complete immobility to rejuvenate itself. Modern homes with their simple designs and architecture are the perfect abode for people like us. Modern homes sport minimalist design and interiors, which has become a worldwide necessity and demand these days. Another factor that cannot be ignored is the ease of cleaning a modern setting, and the amount of cleanliness it boasts as compared to a traditional one.
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Here are some factors why the youth of today absolutely love modern homes:

1.Space: Modern designing calls for open spaces. Floor-to-ceiling glass panels and wide rooms. This is ideal for ventilation and gives the place a sense of seclusion. Huge glass windows cancel out the city’s noise effectively, at the same time giving you ample amount of light. The idea of modern architecture is to give you a sense of space whether you have it or not. If you have a sprawling bungalow or a penthouse, you have actual space. If you have a tiny apartment, replacing a few brick walls with glass panels gives you that sense of space like nothing else.
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2. Furnishing: As opposed to traditional homes, furnishing is one aspect that is kept to a minimum in modern homes. A lot of glass and stainless steel are used in modern furniture, but wood is also added for a warmer feel. Solid prints and monochromes are perfect for a modern setting. As modern furnishing focuses more on comfort and utility, the trouble of unnecessary furniture has become a thing of the past. The idea of sparingly furnished homes is an enticing option for today’s youth

3. Color: A modern setting is all about giving your home a clean, open, and airy feel. So it’s not surprising that light colors are preferred the most. White, peach, lemon, ivory are common in modern homes because they reflect a lot of light. However, for a darker shade on a single wall, colors like black, yellow, blue, brown and red are preferred as well.
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4. Floor: The floor can be of any material, from wood and concrete to granite. Most modern homes call for carpeting or a plain floor look. Geometric patterns are popular too, although they are kept at their least. Solid-print area rugs are a good choice in a modern home as well, giving your home the eccentric edge it demands.

Although designers around the world are experimenting with the combination of modern and traditional architecture, modern interior designing calls for a single theme unless you have an undying love for a traditional setting. The fact is, since modern interior design focuses on hiding the details and opts for a composed look, it blends well with the technology of today. A house that sports a flat-screen, laptops and tablets needs the right background for these to blend; something traditional interior designing fails to do.
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In fact, it has been noted that modern homes appear to be more welcoming than traditional homes because of their sense of space, good ventilation, and light. I believe that’s all we need in a home these days, apart from peace and prosperity.
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