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By:- Ankita Jha


Your home speaks of you, they say!

Zodiac signs aren’t vague truths, they are a perfect blend of science and philosophy. The weather of your birth determines your genre. You carve your paths but your nature is determined by your birth. Zodiacs in home decor speak of you and a creation according to your being.
If your home soothes you, it imperatively speaks in essence of familiar set-up that is you. You shall come back home to pleasure and comfort in accordance to your nature!
Look upon your sign and it shall be very similar to your persona. Your home shall become a heaven in no time!


A raging fighter!
You mark the onset of spring and thus the shades of red in perfect contrast to the subtle and sober hues shall give zest to your soul. The walls of your home shall be a background of nature in light shades and the accessories shall scream class and extremity in volumes. Set your trend Arians!


The extravagant king!
Classic decor- Blend your class with culture and admire your art! You are on a nature’s tandem and hues of green, colors of light(orange, pink, blazen brown), the seascape of cerulean shall open gates of eternal peace for you. Accessorize in classic finished wall arts and let the products of music and beauty mesmerise your soul.


The balanced Art!
You are a blended person with a superior taste. Art in abstract and one of a kind is your choice. Go for it and make sure you adhere to your desires for they would be awesome. Use neutral colors and balance them with contrasting hues. Leave large spaces to denounce chaos and symmetrical accessorizing shall give you bliss!


The Sufi of today!
Your ends in home decor would be a classic blend of country and rustic. Wooden decors would please your being and natural light escapades are your genres. Artifices from faraway lands with a story would lift your spirits at all times. Grey and white walls with bright accessories is your definite take.


The fiery chaotic calm !
You are a chaos in yourself and you love it fiercely. Your decor is your personality in totality! Adorned walls in classic art aligned with large bookshelves shall deem perfect. Bright orange, summer-yellow, turquoise are your colors by stars. For your fire deserves to rest in its self-defined cozy set up!


The minimalist beauty!
Neutral colors are your perfect charisma. Keep large unfilled spaces in your home, cover them in light toned rugs. You have an acute thrust towards details and accessories arranged in geometrical fashion in neutral and muted shades like forest green, sunflower yellow are your ignition.


The effortless scion!
Rugs and muslins arranged, a space of perfect balance where very little detail is appreciated and looked upon is a Libran’s Decor. Thus, sophistication reigns in your interiors. Colors in a medium shade like peach, brazen orange, cerulean are your picks.


The organisational wizard!
Carefully organised and assigned places to all accessories shall make your happy. Shades of red like burgundy, magenta and rich browns; also algae greens and black speak pleasure to you! Array your furniture in a smooth symmetry too.


The curious tale of you!
You would like to puzzle around in your home and you are an explorer. Mixed patterned and palettes are your definites! Shag and eclectic spaces are your keeps. Your color is purple and all shades of blue would appeal to your senses!


You are the organisation wizard!
Lines and spaces in colors of mahogany, orchid and spring blush shall perfect your alignments. You understand the importance of timeless artifices and the contrast of updated decor. You would love pale yellow with a spark of red and colors with core in difference. Contrast your home in both and live in an unperturbed sequence!


The bard of blue!
You are immensely into chic patterns and hues. Shades of indigo, azure, steel grey in contrast with lemon yellow, bright orange shall be your picks. You are glamorous in blue! Let the shades of blue emanate from all corners of your home and keep the fashion of subtlety and nature afresh.


The mystic!
You seek leisure in creativity. Your mood is the epitome of diversity. Keep all corners of your home in contrast with each other because your home is all the world for you and your seek! Blend in with coral colors and accent. The beauty of your nature is that you can use all the shades and they shall speak to you. Probe in with navy blues and nautical patterns!

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