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By - Prerna Kapoor
Photos courtesy - Mitul Sharma

“Not all those who wander are lost!”

Every place in the world is an experience, an experience that you’ll carry it with you for your lifetime. A mere thought of walking down the streets of the new city, day dreaming, listening to the rhythmic sound of the bustling crowd, the chirping of birds at the wee hour of the day, music drifting out of car window, wondering how people live there, munching on everything that comes by and the emotions associated with them, to take back home, is indeed peaceful!


Café wanderlust is one noshery born out of love of travel, new flavours, good coffee and great company. A café that lets you absorb the experience that comes along with scrumptious food. A café that teleports to the place you love traveling to. A café which is far more than what meet the eyes. Hidden in all-too-famous land of Galleria market, DLF Phase 4, the Food Hub of Gurgaon, this place has an amazing experience to offer more than just amazing food (and also a hammock!) Carefully picked elements of varied culture, people and lifestyle are reflected both in its food and décor, which makes the place a burst of colour and variety.

For the owners of the cafe, food is one of the biggest pleasures of the world. They believe that there are numerous ways to cook a dish. The ingredients are same; the only difference is the place and the people living there. Replicating a dish based on likes and dislikes of people of a particular locale virtually teleports you to the lanes and bylanes of the destination.


 The moment the glass door is slightly ajar, you find yourself hauled away in the life of a traveller. The suspended cornered hammock, the archaic wooden rocking chair, cosy bean bags (of varied sizes and shapes), ceiling mounted swinging wicker chair, tucked away couches or board games lying on the top ledge; every little detail adds to the outlandish vibe of the space. Pictures of people travelling across the globe, posted all along the rough plastered limewashed walls and panelled columns, tickles a strong urge to travel and explore the unexplored planet. The food menu is marked by the diversity of its options, which is offered to you on an iPad. Even though the place is rather compact, you will instantly fall in love with its decor.

The aura of this cafe lay at the door of number of artefacts put into it. The soft board pinned with vibrant feedback forms, with recessed down lights, by the side of a bookshelf, brimming with diverse genre, and the 6’ tall fixed glass, filled with feedbacks of café’s avid clients, covers up the major portions of the wall on one end. While on the opposite end, the wall is partly covered with brilliantly captured photographs from travel archives and the rest with boxed framed canvases of prominent travel destinations.

The subtle dim hanging lights, from the ceiling, along with the cove lighting, planned mindfully in the centre of the café (OCD Delight!), blends seamlessly with the hazel hardwood flooring and patterned wooden and iron furniture. You may choose to take up the comfortable corner table or the sluggish laidback floor couches depending on who you are coming in with. The kitchen, guarded behind the wooden partition, inaudibly covers up the hassles that go behind the skills of cooking and presenting assorted flair of food, the café has to offer.


 Café Wanderlust is exhibiting all the important elements of serenity, amusement, relaxation and enjoyment, all under one roof, with a single stroke of substantial and memorable impression which would make you want to come back more frequently, to take a break in there. Travel isn’t always about rainbows and sunsets and beaches. Sometimes it’s just the experience that sets your voyage!