Designing Timeless Balconies & Terrace

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By:- Kinjal Shah

"Pamper your balcony and terrace with great designs, colors, memories and loads of love."

Be it the unimaginably crowded city or desire to go away somewhere, home is a perfect place to travel to and find your lost self!

Ever in your craziest fantasies, you have thought of traveling to your own home instead of crossing deep oceans or spending a whooping sum to find peace and solace? Every house has that one place which we can call our home or “my favorite spot”. In most of the cases its turns out to be our little balconies or a roomy terrace. 

These spots don’t become our favorites only because they cozy or breezy, but also because we have infinite strings attached to it. Early morning tea with the birds, witnessing the first rains of the season, cherishing  just-twirling-hair-strands-with-my-finger laze, evenings well spent by sharing grave secrets with your closest  folks, composing hearty music, building up sweet love stories, reading books whose characters mirror yourself. Of course stewing BBQs on quiet wintery nights followed by gossips over freshly brewed coffee and the list will never end!

Embark upon this sweet journey which helps to open up endless possibilities and ideas for designing  your favorite spot – balconies and terrace.

Earthy  Balcony


Balconies need no big huge apartments and spaces. Making your sweet little balcony look like your own cocoon or your world amongst, the city symphony is not a big deal anymore. Spice up your balcony with and incredible view and some rustic, comfortable cane furniture, sip some amazing coffee and pile on some really good reads!

The Boho Design

If you think you have been templed by creativity and unique choices, just make your special space your beach, adorned with exclusive and delicate furniture to just chill and soak in some summer sun.

Nature’s Glee Design

Getting closer to nature is equivalent to getting closer to yourself. Explore your soul to the deepest by enduring the enchanting beauty of the greens around you. Pen down a few stories or verses that really expose your true self and gestures, get drenched in the joy of first showers with the monsoon birds or just cuddle yourself in this distinct and dreamy terrace décor.

The Lounge Style

This sit-down style lounge terrace with mini lanterns, is truly an enriching experience to witness and make merry about. On some cool breezy evening chills, pull down a few close friends over a soulful music jam and witness the twilight sky, change its facades into the dark night with gleaming stars. 

The Budgetcony

Cozy balconies with just minimalistic setup and romantic feel is something, to surely look out for! Budget balconies decked with dim fairy lights and an amazing dinner table for two, is just perfect for the first date and for many more to come!

The Gazebo Look

Plush terrace with amazing interiors and comfortable furniture is an exceptional way, to spend quality time with your family and loved ones. A décor so scenic and expressive canopied under the nature’s embrace  is worth buying holidays for!

Modern Terrace Décor

This ultra mode look for your terrace is something everyone desires. Wing up your bonfire hearts in this mesmerizing yet simple terrace set up and enjoy the goodtimes!

Balconies and terraces are not just mere wide spaces or assets you have to live with. They are much more than that. Let’s try to make our houses homes, where we can dwell your secrets safely, ignite our imagination and let our dreams fly! Carve and design your own niche or your favorite spot and see the beauty entail its magic.