Indian weddings and how decoration plays an important role in it

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 By: sonal mishra

                Indian Weddings and Decoration - How to go about it?


Indian weddings have, and will always be about Luxury.  Often addressed as “Big Fat Indian Wedding”, the sentiments behind the word “wedding” is overwhelming, for everyone, whether involved directly or indirectly. And since this gala experience entails a package of celebrations, decorations, flowers, traditions, music, lots of drama, meticulous planning seems almost inevitable.

Significance of Interiors in Indian Wedding
Indian weddings are definitely a  “complete show” that is nothing short of entertainment and to bring out the best from this how, we understand the relevance of a spell-bound decors and designs. Elaborated modern interior design ideas, magnificent works of art, drool-worthy designs, opulent lights and grand fireworks are but a few words that describe the splendor of Indian weddings. When each function from classy cocktail nights to traditional mehndi celebrations and plush traditional interior design spell different traditions, there's no way you can rule out the possibility of the role of decoration.
That being said, each function  at a wedding throws a light to some tradition associated with it, that makes the decoration a vital affair. While cocktail nights may be all about a starry night requiring classy and chic decoration, the mehendi night is going to demand subdued ambiance. And that’s exactly how important getting unique decors becomes.
Pay close attention to the following hacks suggested by some of the most famous Interior Designers. These pointers bring out the importance of decoration in Indian weddings:

Differentiate between day and night parties

It is the decoration that differentiates day parties from night parties, glamour from tradition and conventional from the unconventional. Seeking suggestions from a professional party planner is the best bet, but if you believe in organizing everything yourself, make sure to make a checklist of the elements that would best fit the theme of your function.

Theme-ing up

Coming up with a different theme for each function can be a painstaking affair, for obvious reasons. While a cocktail night may require dark and glamorous themes, a day mehendi function may call for a minimalist interior design setup with elaborate flower arrangement, a task that only decoration can take care of. You can also play around with luxe party accessories and linen that will add glamour to the whole ambiance. 
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What’s your color?
It is the combination of stage designs, theme, and most importantly, color schemes that sets a particular party in motion. The level of entertainment that a party ensures is directly proportional to the colors you choose for your decoration. So, be sure to pick only those colors that instil positivity in the atmosphere. Hues of Blue, Red, Pink, and Yellow often work best in such situations. Try to stay away from depressing shades of Grey and dull Blacks.

It’s all about keeping” them” interested!

The contemporary interior design décor also basically pulls the crowd to something of their area of interest. While the youth may be attracted to the sheesha lounge at an engagement like occasion, the women may be more inclined to the bangle and accessory lounge at the day mehndi party and the men will always be on the lookout for the best drinks that are being served.

The role of decoration in modern interiors just doesn’t end there. It is the decoration that drives the food and beverage section and what would a party without some fun stuff like wine and dine be like? Thus, we cannot repudiate how essential Indian interior design decoration is when it comes to Indian weddings and thus, the intense planning and budget allocation that goes into bringing out the best through decorations. 

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