That perfect hue

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By:- Resham Karmchandani

Five mouth watering colour schemes to make your home come alive

The appeal of colours lies not only in their beauty but also their energy! Colours are the essence of our lives. From livening up our day to calming us down, colours have a huge impact on the aura around us. While purple in the bedroom keeps passion alive, blues calm you down! Every fashion year, the forecast gurus come out with a best colour palette for the season. Colours that grace your home make your living spaces lively and stylish. As the summers transition into sweet monsoons, we bring you the best colour palettes to indulge in! Here are the five best, mouth watering colour themes to revive your home-


    can you believe that neutrals look that good when on the walls?  Think wintry retreats and amber ashes. This colour palette is not too loud and works beautifully for calming a room down. If you can’t work a basic white wall, think textures and ash greys. Compliment this colour palette with rustic wooden cupboards and stroke painted doors. The cherry on the cake? Throw in a few charcoal or coffee coloured accents around and you have the perfect setup for a stay in summer vacay.

 2.  Creamy tones

It is the age of pastels! With every colour being diluted down with a generous dollop of creams, pastels are the biggest trend of 2016. Pick your favourite colours and dial it down to a pastel or powdery shade and you are set to rule the décor world. The hues will pump up the colour palette in your house and yet keep everything soothing. The balmy effects of the pastel colours are best suited for use in the living room and the bedroom. Strew the house with beautiful peonies and new age furniture. Pastels may not be as easy to style as neutrals. Play it safe with some minimal indie prints.

3.   Warmer blues

I miss the beach and I’m sure so do you. Let’s bring it in shall we? The beautiful sunrise and sunset and that burning blue colour! These energized hues from the beachside are perfect to cosy your house up. Indulge in a few blue pottery tiles, if you are looking to go local. We are thinking, generous amounts of blue like the sea strewn with sunset accent décor pieces.

4. Nature Inspired Greens

Go green with nature inspired colour palette. Greens when used in the right shade can be very flourishing. Take the leap of faith and trust the flora to do the rest! Mix and match the green monochrome palette with colours from nature. A pale yellow here and a stroke of lavender there is all you need to make this palette work.

5. Cold winters 

We may not like extreme cold winters but we sure like the palette! Let the winters of Narnia in, with whitey whites and icy blues. Detox your life with wispy blue hues and misty blacks. This colour palette offers the perfect balance of neutral and colour pop in your home. Experiment with paint hues, furniture fabrics and accent material to bring this theme alive!