Working Women and Their Personal Room Decor

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By:- Niharika Choudhary


In succession with the hour, a working woman has her priorities set right. She is the one who takes up everything, unruffled and moves ahead of the social norms. Her lifestyle is her narrative, in turn portraying her personal choices. Belonging to the same field, every woman is different, with yet different choices. Various interior design magazines these days depict these lifestyles amalgamating them with interior design trends.

In the era of attaining individual acknowledgment, these women want their peculiar belongings to stand out loud too. They strive for individualism. Yeah, that’s the word! Individualism is the key factor administrating their choices and their power to take decisions. It has an influence on their personal room décor as well.


Flaunting a clean and crisp, monochromatic décor, women wants it chic in style. It’s astonishing to know that grey can add thousands of its shades, yet being so minimal in appearance.
With a hectic schedule and the engagements of daily life, colours are one only thing which turn out as your best friend. Right colours and the right design ideas, consider them the need of the hour .They play a heavy game on our minds.

For a working lady, colour schemes which will work can be-
·         Right balance of very soft tones in the class of pastels
·         Ideally, neutral shades work the best on the walls, with an addition of accent colours through accessories and furnishings.
·         Soft tones on a larger surface area helps, to calm mind and soul
An individual touch is convenient, with these shades and can adore almost every personality.

Right organization and substantial storage sets-up the primacy in the personal room décor of a working woman. Women have an obsession to keep the right things in the right place. A well-planned storage for all the essentials that a lady has is a must.


Some smart organization using effective storage design is always a good idea, to organize the daily operational belongings.-
·       Clean, geometric and classy storage can be less fussy and more functional. Shapes leaning towards the geometric nature do not distract the focus of a décor but at the same time, adds a lot of value.
 Storage solutions can always be customized according to your personal needs. A lady with an obsession of books can beautifully display then of wall storage. It will add to her décor.
Keeping the décor minimal can help you maintain it in the minor span of time

The busy mornings, when everything needs to get-set -go, no woman can afford to compromise on their appearance for the day. Can one imagine the hassle, when she can’t figure out where her pink lip colour has hidden itself?  Surely a working woman can.

A well- planned wardrobe can help, de- cluttering one’s life, along with a well-planned vanity. Everything in a room can be added with an accent of personal influences to the extent that it allows one to enjoy the space till eternity.

The décor, to summarize, should be functional in the first place, along with being clean and classy at the same time. So ladies, fight up the rendezvous of the daily hectic schedule, let nothing stop you from being an individual of substance. In the end allow your personal space, your personal room to do the needful.

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