Steps to increase natural light and air flow in apartments

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By:-Avani Jain

Let your house and interiors breathe fresh air and reflect good light with these simple tips…

Just like no human being is perfect, no house is perfect too. And you get to know about these imperfections of your house only when you start living in it. So, if you are one of those who have started to feel that you have bought a cave devoid of natural light and air, fret not! We bring to fore some simple tips to light up and instil fresh air into your closed apartment.

1.     Cross ventilation is the key: Cross ventilation of air in the house can not only keep the stale and warm air away but also increase the flow of light. Cross ventilation is the key to healthier and cooler interiors.

2.     Tune the windows: Instead of closing all the windows in summers, open them a little when it is hot and dark inside so that the hot air can move out and light can come in.

3.     Place a window fan: A window fan can be easily used to replace hot indoor air. This is much better than the air conditioners which generate huge electricity bills. All you need to do is place the fan on the window with fan blades directing the air outwards. To further enhance air flow inside the house, you may open a window in each room and ensure all interior doors are open. The open doors and windows will also increase the natural light flow through the house.

4.     Paint the walls with light colours: To make a small house look larger and increase natural light flow in it, choose light-colour paint (it can reflect the maximum light)
and select furnishings from the same colour family.

5.     Opt for light-coloured fabrics for drapes and curtains on the windows: They reflect much of the light during the day and even help to reduce the heat inside the house by allowing the air to pass through them.

6.     Place mirrors: If a mirror is placed opposite to an open window (for the flow of air inside the house), it can reflect light and views from the window. 

In a nutshell

While you may opt for an air conditioner or a tube light even during the day, nothing can beat the natural light and air flow as that can give a new lease of life to your home and make the surrounding positive. From sustainability point of view also, natural light and air is very important to cut down on electricity bills and going green. So, it’s high time that you go back to nature and opt for natural apartment interior design ideas. Give your interiors a light and fresh touch!