Adding that “professional” touch to your bedroom

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By:-Manaswita Ghosh


If you love something, it will work. That’s the only real rule.”


Have you ever been in a room that you simply connect with? Somewhere you feel at ease and know every element in the room has been placed there just to suit your personality? Do you know the secret behind the setup? It’s simply choosing what works and what doesn’t.

I have met so many people who brainstorm over the foyer, the drawing room and the dining space, effectively deciding on the interior and decor to give that personal touch to these spaces that they can proudly show off to the world. But there’s always one part of the house that they forget promptly, dismissing it easily. It’s the bedroom.

Your bedroom is the most crucial part of your home, and yet you decorate it in a hurry, with no real attention paid to the intricacies. This is the space where you rejuvenate yourself after a long day, think about your next project and work on your dreams. How can you not give a creative feel to this one? Your bedroom needs to sport your work personality as much as it needs your personal touch.
Your sense of design shows your deepest desire, something that reflects itself in what you choose to showcase in your home. Your bedroom should showcase yourself the most, regardless of this being the private space you do not show off to anyone.
Here’s what you can do to fabricate that perfect interior for yourself:
1. Take note of what you do: Are you a writer? A painter? An architect or a singer? What are the basic needs that enable you to do your job? What can’t you do without? Now make a list of the basic furnishings you require. You will see that things evolve from there gradually.
If you are a writer, you need a writing desk and hutch with a comfortable chair. A cosy reading space and a bookshelf. You need the corner well-lit, so a table stand is a necessity. It gives your writing desk a bright, professional feel. Go for a table clock irrespective of the wall clock in your room. You need to look at the time up and close instead of turning your head every time. Have a basket for holding your stationery supplies. Make sure the desk is big enough to hold your laptop along with your notes, because technology is a factor you cannot do without. Have a set of charging points for your cellphone and laptop and other necessary gadgets closeby and within reach of the desk.
A similar design works for artists as well, with the exception of the traditional wooden storage box for your colors. You can have drawers built into your desk, they add a lot of space for storing your painting tools, brushes etc. Your easel can be placed next to your desk, or you can go for a modular easel-holder designed specifically for yourself.

2. Consider how long you work and when: Are you a night owl? Or do you prefer working during the day? Are you someone who prefers natural lighting or are you content with the artificial ones?

It’s a good idea to go for a settee, a comfortable armchair or an accent chair with a leg rest beside your working desk. You cannot work at a stretch, your body needs a comfortable place to sink in other than your bed. Accent chairs are the perfect alternative. Have an earthly floor lamp placed near your chair, so you do not feel the absence of good lighting while you read. It’s advisable to go for minimal cushioning when it comes to your working chair. Have a set of chairs for working comfortably, a desk chair you sit on for long hours and the armchair you rest on from time to time.

3. Fill in the gaps: Once you are done with basic furnishing and stocking up on your necessities, it’s time to take care of the rest. Wondering where to boast that trophy you won or the certificate that bears your name?
It’s time to switch to floating shelves! Sporting your accomplishments have never been better. These give your trophies a casual yet sophisticated display instead of the traditional glass-almirah. Frame your certificates in glass and warm shades of wood and exhibit them proudly in your work corner. You can enhance the corner using hidden lights as well.
The idea is to be as simple in your approach as possible to define the details, without making them stand out or appear obvious to the eye. There are no hard and fast rules to plan your bedroom according to your work personality. All you require are the right objective and a precise approach to designing, the rest is a piece of cake!


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