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By:- Prerna Kapoor
Photos courtesy:- Mitul Sharma ___________

“Ashes to Ashes, dust to dust.
When life is a b***h, beer is a must! “

To live in a country, bursting with restaurants, cafes and gastro-pubs, it takes great courage and deep sense of creativity to find your niche in the already existing innovative world.


Popular for hosting poetry slams and themed night parties, Zai Unplugged is located on level two on the outer circle at Connaught Place in Block N, right next to Junkyard café. This place is packed with all the gold and glitters required for a cafe to race the league, with a bar filled with exquisite range of alcoholic beverages and cocktails to offer.


Owing to the fact that some patrons like to find identity in a place that complements their personality, young entrepreneurs have been sensitive and worked to develop restaurants and cafes that push the boundaries of convention. (And this cafe is one perfect example!)

Brainchild of three enthusiastic striplings, Mr. Saurabh Mehta, Mr.Loveleesh Hasija and Mr. Sharan Parashar, the custom-made upholstery, with bold english prints adorned with chalk painted tables, the unerring use of a great deal of bold hues, the wooden floor or naturally lit smoking area right in the middle of the cafe, this place looks dynamic in every sense of the word.

A swanky little café, offering finest dining experience, with intriguing doorway, assembled using sections wooden planks, welcomes you with an upfront bar lit with a near perfect yellow and white lighting. Quickly grabbing the attention of the pass buyers, this place, enhanced with extensive use of wood (on walls, ceiling and floors!) in the interiors, makes for a comfortable ambiance.

Walk in, and one will immediately be regaled with exquisite melodies, instantly seeping the aura in one’s mind and soul, like tea from a teabag. Wooden interiors, separate bar area, quirky furniture and wall posters gives the whole place a very sparkling vibe.
Take a moment to absorb it all, because it’s all worth it!


Someone rightly said that the details are not the details, they make the design. Use of bright colours on the walls and furnishings, plethora of texture used on walls in one way or the other, colourful seating arrangements, impeccable service and the upfront stocked bar are the high points here, along with a good mix of multi-genre music that will make you hum a tune or two.
The cuisines comprise of all day breakfast and best north Indian and continental food in the country along with regional specialties from various parts of the world, our favourite being dahi ke kabab, chuski gola, chocolate monk and cheese chicken omelette.


Be it for the scrumptious food it has to offer or the pleasing interiors, this is the place you would not want to miss. Zai Unplugged turns the table around and is on the race to become everyone’s favorite hangout spot not just in Connaught Place but in parts of south and west Delhi as well.

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