5 Reasons you don't need interior designers anymore!

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A well designed dream home is something which you crave for and many-a-times you don’t get exactly what you visualized. Ample of reasons could be chalked out for the same! If you are seeking some help from a professional interior designer in a conventional process, then, it definitely should make your job simpler. Isn’t it? But the world is changing and so are the criteria for making your dream house a reality! Let’s reason out why simply hiring an interior designer  is really not solving the purpose!

  1. You need to drive the designing process and take the lead! After all you will be dwelling in it!
If you were under the impression that hiring an interior designer would be the first step you need to make to get a designed look as per you ideas then think again. It’s very clear in your mind that these are ‘your’ ideas not the designer’s! While a designer is there to facilitate the process, it is still your soul in the vision which has to take the driving seat to complete the look!

How about a Houssup designer who makes the whole process easy while you are still in the driving seat leading right away?
2. Got a budget?! Don’t let the designer ruin it!
While it would be nice to think that your interior designer has your budget savings in mind—this usually isn’t the case. The finished job reflects upon them and cost cuttings are forgotten, so, of-course they want it to look over the top and make it lavish, ultimately hampering your pocket!
The real convenience would be a transparent process where you get to play around with the design, to fit it into your budget with the prices shown right at your face!
3. Visualizing and feeling the upcoming result already? A problem or a solution?
Ever wondered why we still go for an interior designer when the real issue is we being able to see and feel exactly how the design fits into your space even before it is executed. Can he/she solve it? We think you know the answer already! 😉

But what if there is this awesome user-friendly technology aiding the Houssup designer give you this convenience at the click of a button?
4. Designer – A person with preferences set right before he comes to work.
Your interior designer is a keen professional, but also a person with preferences and his/her own priorities. If you leave the options wide open for him/her, you might soon realize that what your interior designer loves is what your home turns into. Isn’t that the opposite of what you hired him/her for?

Luckily, the future is all about unbiased- trend based platforms that just reflect your personality in your designed home. Isn’t that uber cool!?
5. All the other hassles are still yours which is again a win-win situation!
Even though you are equipped with professional working drawings to make it go smooth, you still need to move out of your homes during execution if you can’t deal with the labour moving around/invading your personal space.
Bringing your dream home to reality without these road blocks is still a challenge!
The future lies in technology and practice that will change the whole ecosystem & process of getting a designed home, turning that dream of a lavish lifestyle which is pocket-friendly into a reality.

Author: Sameera
            Interior Designer/Architect, IIT Roorkee
          Chief Design Officer & Co-Founder, Houssup.com