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By:- Palak Suckhlecha
Photos courtesy:- Mitul Sharma

“En” is a holy word in Japan. Such as “Karma” or “Satya” in Hindi.

“En” means synchronicity as significant co-incidence, blessed relationship, invisible connection, fate and destiny.

Dwelled with the meaning of the word “En” and holding the pure Japanese authenticity, the beautiful looking contemporary place has a peaceful and radiating aura which gives us an opportunity to create our own “En”. The place provides solace to the many tired hungry travelers trapped in the scorching heat by giving them the subtle breeze of calmness through their charming interiors and majestic views of one of Delhi’s most famous monuments, the Qutub Minar.


One can say India has a great chance to win its first gold medal in Badminton at the Rio 2016 Olympics. One can also say I’ve visited many culturally authentic restaurants. Would you be able to guess which one of the above two statements is an understatement? Its safe to say that India’s inclination to welcome other cultures and traditions despite having numerous of its own is to stay and develop. Japanese is one such culture gaining it’s popularity through its cuisine just like this hidden gem of a Japanese restaurant En at Kalkadas Marg, Mehrauli, New Delhi.

Engrossed in their elegant culture, combined with tasteful furniture and decor in their spacious interiors, En stands out in providing the best of the experiences to its customers. What makes En interesting and different is the connection of En’s promoters to the country Japan. Thus this strong connections along with being aware of the Japanese way of life, makes it possible for En to maintain and bring Japanese authenticity to the plates of their customers.


The uber sophisticated restaurant situated in an over 100 year old heritage building, gives a mix of old retained world charm with Japanese contemporary culture. The fine dining experience is perfectly balanced with En’s refreshing and calming interiors. Warm shades of browns and whites used with three dominant colors- gold black and red, makes the place more oriental. Displaying a huge collection of Japanese artifacts, like the Samurai headgear and Samurai swords along with Buddha’s idols placed all around the restaurant gives a feel of a typical Japanese home.

En maintains a classy, understated look, with an almost minimalist touch. The place is spread out with private dinning rooms and party spaces along with outdoor seatings with multiple terrace views. The table spacing is done with perfection, giving the customer an illusion of privacy and comfort. Its needless to say that the place is impressively laid for both large group get togethers as well as intimate romantic meals.

Simplistic furniture, old doors painted golden, arch shaped windows, high ceilings, decorative Japanese artifacts, huge subtle paintings, wooden flooring, flushes of white and lush of daylight, everything compliments to give this restaurant its enthralling Japanese vibe.



The encapsulating authenticity of this place along with the finely prepared and served cuisine, makes a person indulge in this experience again and again. This along with the many emotions felt while dining at En - The Japanese restaurant, secures it’s place at Houssup’s Feature Friday column.