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The Tuscan Villa

By :- Prerna Kapoor
Photos courtesy :- Mitul Sharma and Sameera

“It has to be about the ambience, about the experience; it has to be about the romance of Italy! “

Well, it’s a marvellous night for a Moondance, with the stars up above in your eyes, a fantabulous night to make romance, underneath the cover of October skies!

A beautiful Tuscan villa with warm exterior & classic wooden interiors, inspired by the enchanting villas from Siena & San Gimignano in Tuscany, Italy, Tonino is named after Mr Tonino Generale of Napoli, whose enticing recipes bring the most authentic Italian cuisines to New Delhi.

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Tucked away on MG Road, Tonino provides the romance and sensual indulgence as one savour food from a varied menu. The cuisines comprise of the best pizzas in the country along with regional specialities from various parts of the Italy, right from the mountainous Alps of Italy in the North to the warm Sicilian islands in the South.  It’s an oasis of sorts, circumscribed with fruit trees amidst courtyard and veranda, the moment you step on the other side of the wooden door, this place teleports you to a divergent world altogether.

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In this landscape, however, the visual weight of the kiosk, standing proud along the walkway, plays beautifully with the surrounding architecture, adding to the overall composition while drawing visitors up the walk to the front door.


Conceptualization of Mr. Parmeet Sawhney of Eagle Groups of Companies, the finest custom-made upholstery, the unerring use of Tuscan hues, the bar infused with exquisite wine, the nut-brown coloured floor or the flawless setting for a romantic lunch, this place looks endearing in every sense of the word. The restaurant or ristorante (as they call it!), adorned 12 years ago by Mr. Rajiv Narain out of an antiquated property and enhanced time and again by one of the owners, Ms. Simran Sawhney and carefully picked artwork by her sister Ms. Remen Chopra, is designed so tastefully, that you cannot help but gawk around when you visit for the first time. 

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Tuscany is wine country and you can’t go wrong sampling one of its phenomenal wines Tonino has to offer from it’s packed up bar!

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Headed for a cosy date, an evening with your pals, or for an elaborate meal with your family, you’re definitely in for a delicious slap-up meal. The walls exploded with distinct number of carefully picked artefacts, brought together from places around Italy overlooks the restaurant.

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Hand-troweled plaster walls, painted with colors found in nature, add a Tuscan touch to Tonino’s interior. Muted browns, greens and warm earth tones paired with wood trim offer rustic Italian charm. Authentic handpicked furniture is solid wood, heavy and designed to serve several generations.

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Large bars and kitchens, complete with stone fireplaces, are in nearly every traditional Tuscan place. This is where friends and beloveds gather to celebrate good food, good wine and good conversation.

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Strains of bucolic Mediterranean rhythm fill the mood of the air. The electric purple sky hovers over an old red-brick villa. Perfect for a peaceful, serene experience, there is something about this place which stays with you, mingling in your head even after you leave.


It is the intimate goodness of flawlessly cooked meals and pastries prepared in the bakery combined with a desire to provide a cosy, welcoming and picturesque venue, for experiencing dining under moonlit skies or the relaxed candlelit lounge, that constitute the cornerstone of the Tonino. The old world charm of the Tuscan Italy at its best!

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